Via Interno Castello 22, 28074 Ghemme (NO)

A bit of history...

Rovellotti’s winery stands in the Alto Piemonte countryside and represents one of the highest quality expressions of local production – it’s been awarded numerous times. It was founded by Antonello and Paolo Rovellotti in 1972 in the heart of the ancient Gothic Rectuary, a fortified medieval castle that once was a wine supplier of the Corte degli Sforza. The vineyard consists of 25 hectares and develops on the first morainic hill of Ghemme in the Baraggiole subarea. The Rovellotti winery is firmly anchored to the wine-growing traditions of the area.

The Rovellotti family carries out its wine-growing business according to the rules and techniques handed down by a 600-year tradition that sees in technological innovation a solid continuity. The most important reds, such as the Ghemme Chioso of the Pomi, are left to be sharpened for long in oak barrels in the historic cellars inside the Castle. All Rovellotti wines have in common a great clarity and cleanness, personality, typicality and emotion.