Riso Maratelli 1914

A bit of history...

The Riso Maratelli company was born in Asigliano Vercellese in 1911. It was established by Cav. Mario Maratelli and he managed it until the early fifties when he was succeeded by his sons Giovanni and Francesco.
Along an extraordinary path of several decades, the Maratelli variety has become one of the most appreciated rice by Italian families.

Today, the desire to keep the family traditions alive pushes Vittorina, nephew of Mario Maratelli, to manage the company following the values and teachings handed down from her grandfather.

In the first years of the company’s life, exactly in 1914, cav. Maratelli discovered and selected the rice that bears his name today, born from natural hybridization, which characteristics and typicalness indissolubly bind the Maratelli rice to the Vercelli area.

From the moment of his discovery, the great adventure of this rice begun, which has led it to become one of the historical varieties of Italian rice-growing.
Thanks to his intuition, Cav. Maratelli has won awards and prizes, which still honor the company today with respect and trust.

Although much time has passed since that discovery, the company works and markets under the brand “Riso Maratelli 1914”, scrupulously controlling the supply chain, from cultivation in the field to packaging, thus guaranteeing originality, high quality and traceability.

“Riso Maratelli 1914” is grown exclusively on land that in 1911 was the original body of the grandfather’s farm. The same fields in which in the summer of 1914 Mario Maratelli discovered the first head of what became his rice.

The area “Primitiva” of Maratelli rice is bounded between the municipalities of Asigliano Vercellese and Desana. It is precisely here that the rice has naturally found the optimal conditions that have exalted its peculiarities.

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