Valli Ossolane DOC Prünent Diecibrente


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Appellation Valli Ossolane DOC Rosso

Grape Nebbiolo

Vintage 2017

Alcohol volume 13,5%

Serving Temperature 16°-18°C

Prünent Diecibrente is a cru from Cantine Garrone's oldest vineyards dating back to 1920, of which only 660 bottles are bottled: a limited and truly precious production.
Its name "Diecibrente" is a tribute to the Brenta, the unit of measurement of capacity that was once used for wine. The Brenta is also the same wooden container usually used to transport wine.

After fermentation by indigenous yeasts, the wine is aged in ten-barrel (500 litre) barrels for 15 months and then refined in bottles for a further two years. The wine does not undergo any filtration.
The vine from which Diecibrente is made is Prünent, the oldest and most precious Nebbiolo Ossola vine, whose first mention was in manuals in 1309.

The Prünent Diecibrente catches the eye right from its lively granite colour with good transparency and ruby reflections. The nose releases an intense and elegant fragrance, with notes of violet and red fruits, red currant and tart cherry, citrus fruits such as pink grapefruit and blood orange. The fine spice is enhanced by mineral notes and balsamic scents.
Its taste reveals a juicy, savoury, fresh and rich texture. It derives from the superior mountain Nebbiolo par excellence.

Indeed, Val d'Ossola is the northernmost valley in Piedmont where the Toce River flows between steep mountains that hold gems of natural beauty. The microclimate of the mountains is well mitigated by the proximity of Lake Maggiore. For this reason, the area has always proved favourable to viticulture: the slow ripening and the temperature difference between night and day give the wine extraordinary aromas and fragrance.
But the structural difficulty of growing vines at high altitudes and the advent of phylloxera caused the abandonment of cultivation and the loss of the local beauty and value. Only Cantine Garrone has remained faithful to its land, protecting its vineyards from bad luck, and is now the spokesperson for the project to redevelop Oira Crevadossola, which finds one of its greatest expressions in wine.

Ideal with full-bodied meat dishes, such as beef or game. If paired with medium-aged cheeses, it enhances the intensity of taste.

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