Toma Alpeggio di Roberto – circa 500gr


VAT included

Milk Cow

Made with alpine cow's milk

Intense flavor and with traces of mountain herbs

Shelflife: 30-45 days

Our Toma Alpeggio di Roberto is a delicious and intense semi-aged (60 days) cheese with small holes from the Ossola Valley.

Characteristic alpine cottages in the Valley have been used for cheese production since before the first century. The Ossola mountains, though towering at considerable altitudes, provide open spaces that are well protected from the winds and suited for pasturing animals. The local alpine hut dwellers have used these particular climate elements to their advantage in their production of excellent cheeses.

One of the most famous Ossola alpine villages is Bettelmatt in the northern Val Formazza. This is where the Toma Alpeggio di Roberto comes from.

Since the summer of 2003, the Toma of the Bettelmatt alpine pastures has their name fire-branded on the cheese to distinguish them from widespread counterfeit versions.

There is a very limited production of this Toma Alpeggio, with only a few hundred cheese-wheels produced every year, made in July and August and brought down to the valleys on donkeys or, more recently, by helicopter.

We suggest pairing this delicious alpine cheese with a welcoming red wine like Barbera or Dolcetto. Try it also with a little drizzle of aromatic honey, fresh fruit, or for a full meal, melt it over our polenta by Mulino San Giorgio.

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RAW MILK, rennet, salt.

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