Salame d’la duja and Fidighina – circa 500gr


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The star of the Piedmontese salumi tradition

Ideal for aperitivo

Excellent as a condiment for pasta and risottos

Here are the absolute stars of the Piedmontese charcuterie tradition! Salame d'la Duja, with its soft and enveloping flavour that goes straight to the heart, and Fidighina d'la Duja, with added liver for an aroma that leaves its mark. Excellent as an appetizer together with a rich cheese board.

Salame d'la Duja is made from the noble cuts of pork for medium-grain mincing.
The curing, the liquid component with which the salami is soaked during the maturing process, is made with sea salt, pepper, red wine from the Novara hills and a pinch of garlic.
The salami is matured for a period of 15 days and then placed under fat in the traditional malted earthenware bowls, called "duja", for at least three months. This prolonged period of time gives a pleasant aroma to the salami and its unmistakable softness.
According to Giovanni Piero of Salumificio Zanardi, the best way to enjoy Salame d'la Duja is with a warm bread crouton and a good glass of red wine. But for Sunday lunch it becomes the perfect ingredient to prepare pizzoccheri with gorgonzola and salame d'la duja.

Fidighina d'la Duja is a cured sausage made from finely minced pork. The sausage is preserved in pork lard.
The tanning, i.e. the liquid part used to soak the mortadella during curing, is made with sea salt and a brûlé made with red wine, cinnamon, clove, lemon and a pinch of sugar.
It is excellent eaten raw or added to paniscia, a typical Vercelli dish made with rice, beans, cabbage and the addition of this salami.

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Italian pork meat, salt, natural flavourings, antioxidant E300. Preservative: E252.

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