Gattinara “il Sogno”


VAT included

Grape Nebbiolo

Vintage 2016

Alcohol volume 15%

Serving Temperature 18°-20°C

Gattinara “Il Sogno” is a noble wine created by the Travaglini winery, made only with the best Nebbiolo grapes, left to dry and concentrate their flavors. Its name means “dream” and this wine represents Giancarlo Travaglini’s dream to create a red wine made of dried Nebbiolo grapes, in the style of the international classic- Amarone. This dream came true thanks to his daughter Cinzia.

After the harvest in October, the grapes are dried for 100 days, then vinified. After 40-months-long aging in Slavonian oak casks, the Gattinara “Il Sogno” is poured in its unique bottle: such an exceptional wine deserves an exceptional bottle, doesn’t it?

Designed for Giancarlo Travaglini in 1958 this special bottle naturally catches sediment during pouring, allowing the wine to be served directly, and its dark color protects the wine from light, guaranteeing impeccable conservation.

“Il Sogno” is a symbol of excellence and tradition, famous all around the world. Its strong structure, with complex aromas of wild fruits and light balsamic scent, and its finish with ripe fruits notes make it perfect to be paired with red meat, matured cheeses, and dark chocolate.

Enjoy this true Piedmontese gem, a refined wine that will enrich your meals.

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