Organic forest honeydew honey

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Slow Food Honey from Monferrato

Clear honeydew honey

Excellent with Piedmontese mixed boiled meats

What differentiates honeydew honey from common nectar is the raw material from which it is made. In fact, bees are attracted by a sugary substance present on trees and produced by microscopic insects that have fed on the sap of pine, oak and maple trees.
The bees collect this honeydew and turn it into honey: its taste, due to the sugar component, tends to be slightly sweeter than traditional nectar. It remains liquid but dense.

Apicoltura Vallera pays great attention to the life cycle of the insects and prefers to produce in limited quantities to protect the environment and ensure the final quality. For this reason, the Honeydew is only produced in late summer. It is a dark amber colour and, if you pay attention, it doesn't crystallise (what a joy!).

It is one of the kinds of honey richest in minerals and enzymes, and some like to define it as an "elixir of beauty": excellent for keeping the skin younger and recommended for sportsmen as it helps to reintegrate the substances lost through sweating.

What to pair it with? It is perfect with mature and spicy cheeses or with traditional Piedmontese boiled meats.

This honeydew honey is produced by Apicoltura Vallera, a Slow Food approved beekeeper in the heart of Monferrato.

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