Riso Maratelli 1914 – 1kg


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A favourite of the kings of Italy!

Rare traditional rice of Piedmont!

Ideal for risotto

Riso Maratelli 1914 is unique Italian rice, classified as semi-fine coarse rice. It continues to be one of the products of Italian culinary excellence, thanks to deliberately limited production.

Maratelli rice is characterized by a great cooking resistance combined with an excellent ability to absorb flavors. Ideal for traditional risotto preparations: saffron, asparagus, vegetables, mushrooms, truffles, and fish-based recipes. Also excellent for rice salads and soups but also rice balls and rice cakes.

The Maratelli farm has been awarded the prize of Historical Italian Company and Promoter of Made in Italy for its activity that has lasted 100 years and the cultivation of rice in the old way: minimum fertilization and husked manually. In addition, the rice is milled using a Minghetti Hamburg model whitening machine, whose slow processing on stone allows the bud to remain attached to the grain. This makes the rice slightly amber-coloured, an indication of its genuine quality and its natural quality.

This variety was discovered by Cavalier Mario Maratelli in 1914 when he found a sprout that was different from all the others in his rice field, characterised by longer, pendulous panicles and a greater number of grains. He decided to plant this variety in his paddy field and the result was surprising: this plant matures early, allowing the rice to be dried in September directly on the farmyard.

Maratelli 1914 rice was the favourite of King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy!

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