Fil da Fer


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Alcohol volume 22%

This delicious Fil da Fer can't be shared without a little story:

On a cold winter day, at the Passo del Moro at almost 3000 meters, a group of friends were stuck in a blizzard. It was the 1960s and the cable car had just started operating, and a cramped room had been built at the arrival station to serve as a refreshment area. Renato Badini had taken over the management. To pass the time, waiting for the storm to cease, the company began to invent some hot drinks to warm the body. Among them, there was Gianni Ripamonti, who, after several attempts, with the hot Vov and the addition of 50% rum created the first Fil Da Fer.
He named it "Fil da Fer" (which means "iron wire" in dialect) because a tube that came out of an old gas machine was twisted like an iron wire and had a color similar to the drink just created.
Renato Badini improved the recipe by adding an orange-flavored liqueur and continued to offer it to the cold skiers who frequented the Moro in the following years.
The traditional fortifying and energetic liqueur of the Alps created by La Bottega del Morni is perfectly enjoyed hot with whipped cream and cocoa or cinnamon powder. It is a genuine product made with real egg yolks, partially skimmed milk, and exclusive processing that guarantees its natural stability: you don't need to shake it before serving it.

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ethyl alcohol, sugar, egg yolks, milk, natural flavourings, colourings E102 E110 E124

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