Extra Dark Chocolate with Onion – 100gr


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Made with The Blonde Onion from Fontaneto!

100% Slow Food Product!

A innovative twist on traditional ingredients

Extra Dark Chocolate with Onion may sound like an odd combination but the of high quality dark chocolate and the typical Blonde Onion of Cureggio and Fontaneto is a delicious blend. A real unexpected harmony between very different aromas. It is well balanced, a true trip to discover new flavors. It is ideal to accompany cheese, especially, goat milk ones.

What is so special about the Blonde Onion of Cureggio and Fontaneto?
It's story begins close to Novara, in the plain between the Agogna and Sizzone rivers, in the towns of Cureggio and Fontaneto, once known for the cultivation of potatoes and onions. According to tradition, the local producers would go to the Cureggio train station every day to send crates of their onions to the markets in Milan and Turin. The traditional onion from the Cureggio and Fontaneto plain is golden-blond in colour. Up to 8 centimeters wide, it weighs between 150 and 400 grams and has a distinctive flattened shape. Its essential characteristic, however, is its extreme sweetness, which remains for many months after harvesting.

As well as being used as base seasoning, a number of local dishes feature the onion as the main ingredient. The recipes have been passed down through the generations, and include peasant soup (water, a pinch of salt, butter or lard and minced onion), onion frittata (with wedges of onion or the unripe bulb, called scigulòtt), frittata rognosa (with the addition of duja salame), rustìdӓ (pork loin and offal cooked in onions, prepared when a pig is slaughtered), cassola and a classic onion soup. These days, the areas where the onion is grown have been reduced by surrounding industrialization. Many residents have abandoned agricultural activities and onion growing has come close to disappearing for good.

This innovative Extra Dark Chocolate with Onion offers a way to share the tradition of this simple onion, in a fun and captivating way.

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Cocoa min. 72%, cocoa mass, raw sugar, cocoa butter, blond onion from Cureggio and Fontaneto, Slow Food Presidium (2%). Emulsifier: SOY lecithin. Natural vanilla.
May contain traces of nuts, lactose and milk protein, celery.
Gluten free.

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