Dry Gin Kitchen Contamination – 700ml


VAT included

Perfect for marinating meat

Mixed herbs, liquorice and lemon

Releases the spirit of the Piedmont region

What makes the heart of Chef Claudio Santin of the 3UNO restaurant in Oleggio, a small village in the province of Novara in northern Piedmont, beat faster is a love that starts with G and ends with IN.
Kitchen Contamination Gin was created from Claudio's memory of the distillate his grandmother used to make from verbena, liquorice and mountain pine as a healing elixir. The balsamic scent with hints of liquorice is a sweet déjà vu that has never left Claudio's head and he has managed to imprint it in his gin.

Mountain pine, liquorice, juniper, lemon, rosemary and green tea are the botanicals that will envelop your palate from the very first sip. It is a compound gin: the botanicals are cold blended with a neutral alcohol and distilled only once, unlike other gins that are redistilled.

Its taste is dry but the freshness of the lemon makes it pleasant to the palate, while the aromaticity of mugo pine, the woody notes of liquorice and the herbaceous nuances given by green tea make every sip a sensory journey through the woods of Piedmont.

It is a gin that retains, in fact, all the spirit of the Piedmontese territory so rich in biodiversity. Piedmont, as its name suggests, is a land embraced by mountains where tasty, eccentric and exceptional herbs grow. It's no surprise that the oldest traditional Italian gins were created by Piedmontese personalities, as recounted in old liquor-making manuals dating back to the 1800s.

It is excellent to drink straight or as a base for some cocktails. But you must discover its potential in the kitchen: when used as a marinade or to soak meat during cooking, it offers a truly surprising result even for the simplest cuts of meat!

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