Dolcetto D’Alba DOC


VAT included

Appellation Dolcetto d'Alba DOC

Grape Dolcetto

Vintage 2019

Alcohol volume 13%

Serving Temperature 16°-18°C

Dolcetto d'Alba made with 100% Dolcetto.

Dolcetto is the most widespread grape variety in the Langhe, cultivated as far back as records go, and a faithful presence on the Piedmontese table. A delicate variety, it requires particular attention in the vineyard and during vinification.

The wine produced with Dolcetto grape has been for centuries one of the key elements of Piedmontese peasant life and one of the main trading goods with Liguria. However, some information about Dolcetto is available only from the 18th century. The name probably derives from the sweetness of its grape (dolcetto means "little sweet one" in Italian) or from the Piedmontese "dosset" which indicates a low hill.

Dolcetto d'Alba was awarded the DOC label in 1974.

Aging for the Dolcetto d'Alba DOC wine takes place in steel tanks for about 3 months followed by 4 months of bottle aging.
A deep ruby red wine with violet hues, the bouquet is vinous, fragrant, with inviting hints of ripe fruit, among which we can recognize cherry and plum. In the background, but equally important to define the bouquet, are floral aromas - violet in particular - and a light herbaceous note. The taste is young, immediate, crisp, with moderate acidity. Floral sensations of ripe fruit recur and are completed with a pleasing aftertaste of almond and a tad of peppery spice. Wine of simple and direct character.

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