Carnaroli Gran Riserva – 450gr


VAT included

A traditional Piedmontese product

The ideal rice for Risotto

Sustainable & Reusable packaging

Riso Buono Carnaroli Gran Riserva is rice that is left untreated for one year: this aging process was used extensively in ancient times. When aged and stored with care, it greatly increases in size and this reduces the dispersion of starch and minerals during cooking.

The grains of Riso Buono Carnaroli Gran Riserva do not stick during cooking and keep their shape, thus they are perfect for a creamy risotto. We especially enjoy it paired with Gorgonzola in a risotto, or added in hot delicious soups.

Elegantly stored in a reusable glass jar, this unique Carnaroli rice is the true expression of Piedmontese excellence, give it a try!

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