Camporelli – 280gr


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The original biscuit from Novara

Lightly sweet

Perfect for breakfast!

Novara's Camporelli biscuit was born in the city's convents in the mid-1500s as a gift in the week after Easter from the Novara clergy to the Roman clergy. The ingredients, simple and genuine, were those that the Novara countryside could offer at the time: wheat flour, eggs and honey as a sweetener, which was soon replaced by sugar after the first arrivals from the Americas.
The particularity of this cake lies also in the baking. In those days, salting and smoking were the most common techniques used to preserve food, but they did not go well with sweets. So, the nuns invented a double baking process to preserve the biscuits during their long journey: first on wooden boards (replaced today by parchment paper) and once baked and removed from the boards the biscuits were placed on racks and placed on top of the baking oven so that the gentle heat could carry away the moisture.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a pharmacist and grocer named Prina rediscovered the recipe and began selling the biscuit in his pharmacy as a restorative product because of its high energy value but easy digestibility. It wasn't long before the city's various bakeries started making these biscuits.
Among these, in the shadow of the dome of San Gaudenzio in 1852 the Camporelli biscuit factory was founded, the only one to have survived. Even today the recipe is still the same as in the past: fresh eggs whipped with sugar, flour, quick baking on parchment paper and slow drying.

The result is a light and fragrant biscuit, ideal for breakfast, excellent when dipped in coffee or tea and delicious as a snack between meals. Try it as a base for preparing a delicious tiramisù!

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WHEAT FLOUR (44.8%), sugar (37.5%), fresh EGGS (16.9%), raising agents: ammonium bicarbonate. Vanilla natural flavoring. Lactose-free.

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