Brisaula Ossolana – circa 800gr


VAT included

Typical product from the Ossola Valley

Soft and fragrant

Low fat content

Brisaula Ossolana, as it is called in dialect, is a salted and cured product. The Associazione Produttori del Verbano Cusio Ossola was set up with the aim of protecting the traditional processing of this typical product from the Ossola Valley. In order to be included in the association, the requirements call for excellence and craftsmanship at every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to processing, drying and maturing. In fact, to date, only 9 charcuterie factories are part of the Association, including Divin Porcello.

This bresaola is characterised by its balanced, finely spiced taste and very low fat content. Its taste is pleasant and not salty, its texture has a perfect balance between elasticity and firmness. It is one of the leanest cured meats prepared by Mara and master Giovanni of Divin Porcello.

It is prepared with veal "magatello", which is the most valuable cut obtained from the thigh of the cow: the muscles of the thigh are trimmed to remove the tendon parts and the external fat. The salting is done "dry" using salt not in brine for a period of twenty days at a controlled temperature. Herbs, spices and red wine are added to the curing for an unforgettable aroma. Drying is carried out for ten days while maturing lasts for about sixty days, so as to obtain a soft and really fragrant result. The binding, as well as the other phases of its processing, are done strictly by hand.

Being a very delicate product, the best way to taste it is to serve it as a carpaccio. After cutting it into slices, add lemon juice and a dash of oil, garnish with tufts of rocket and slivers of Parmesan cheese.
A classic dish that always manages to surprise you!

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