Barolo DOCG “Bricco San Biagio”


VAT included

Appellation Barolo DOCG

Grape Nebbiolo

Vintage 2015

Alcohol volume 14,5%

Serving Temperature 18°-20°C

Here is the undisputed king of the Piedmontese wine tradition: Barolo.
Loved, sought after and desired throughout the world, Barolo represents all the values of Piedmontese tradition.
The wine of the Langhe began to gain notoriety in 1751 when a group of Piedmontese diplomats sent a batch of "Barol" to London: it was a great success, so much so that even the future President of the United States Thomas Jefferson, who was travelling in Europe at the time, mentioned its goodness in his diaries, describing it as "almost as sweet as Bordeaux and as lively as Champagne". Initially, it was a sweet and sparkling wine, since it was not yet known how to transform all the sugars contained in the must into alcohol. The modern style of Barolo, which gave it a dry and firm appearance, came about thanks to Camillo Conte di Cavour and Carlo Alberto di Savoia.

Barolo Bricco San Biagio comes from the historic Nebbiolo vineyard, located in the heart of the San Biagio hill and represents one of the best mentions of Barolo production, within the municipality of La Morra. The particular concave conformation of the hillside allows it to capture heat and retain it during the night.

Ageing takes place in French oak barrels for a period of no less than 30 months. Maturation in the bottle follows for one year, during which the tannins soften and the floral and fruity notes grow and expand: thus Barolo Bricco San Biagio is born.

The colour is an intense garnet red with a tendency to more mature tones with age. Hints of small fruits and dog rose, citron, jam, cooked plum stand out. In the mouth it is striking for its complexity of taste, for the spicy and balsamic notes, for the sweetness of the tannins which are always well in evidence. Pleasant sensations of liquorice, tobacco and tar on the finish.

Like Barbaresco, it marries admirably with dishes rich in the flavours and tastes of Piedmontese cuisine, just as it is found in the most refined combinations of international cuisine. It is also excellent with some Piedmontese dry desserts such as Paste di Meliga.
Discover the pleasure of drinking it alone as a meditation wine.

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