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A liqueur made from “Calvilla” apples, left to mature with a brandy to extract all its primary aromas and flavors. The name may come from a small village called Calleville, on the border between France and Flanders in Lorraine.
Apple cultivation in Piedmont has a long history tracing back to the Middle Ages when the varieties that had survived the barbarian invasions were cultivated and improved in monasteries. In the eighteenth centuries, some varieties were brought by farmers from France into Piedmont, namely the Pellice and Chisone valleys.
The apples used in this liqueur are part of the Slow Food Presidium and come from the “Cascine” (Estates) of the “Frutto Permesso” cooperative that grows them with integrated biological systems. With this product, AB Selezione supports the Slow Food Presidium and the Vegetable Gardens in Africa, which is a project for the recovery and promotion of local products for “good, clean and fair” agriculture.

COLOR: soft and bright straw yellow.
BOUQUET: pervasive notes of ripe apple, sweetly scented with cinnamon; in the background, gentle hints of linden honey, banana and wisteria blossoms.
FLAVOR: perfect match of sweet, fine, tender and juicy apple pulp, in innermost harmony with the delicate and elegant texture of the brandy which conveys the structure.

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Brandy-based liqueur, Calvilla apple infusion (47%), sugar, natural flavouring.

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