Amber Lager Doppelbock “Tamagnun” – 33cl

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Alcohol volume 8%

Serving Temperature 6°-8°C

Tamagnun is the Doppelbock-type Amber Lager from Cascina Motta Farmer's Brewery. With a high alcohol content and an original plato degree of over 18.5°, it comes from Vienna and Monaco caramel malts from two-row Tazio Barley and from cone hops, which give it a monk's tunic color and an intense balance of flavors. The nose has clear hints of caramel, bread crust and biscuit, which make the olfactory perception complex and elegant. In the mouth the same hints are reproduced but with a clear toasted note in the finish. The entrance is sweet and full-bodied, but the toasted and light final bitterness still makes it easy to drink, despite the higher alcohol content.

The label represents the Tamagnun, a Piedmontese wagon, pulled by animals or tractors. A tool that has always been linked to the joyful moment of harvesting. To complete the illustration, the "singing rooster" is depicted. It recalls the traditional essence of the life of the peasant courts, and the biological clock of the awakening of nature.

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