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Torrone - the Italian nougat - is the Piedmontese dessert with the most ancient origin. There is a testimony of Pliny, in Roman times, according to which a local population, the Taurini, produced a dessert made of honey and pine nuts: the ancestor of Torrone. It was also widespread in the Middle Age as a celebratory wedding dessert. The Piedmontese torrone differs from the classic Cremonese one for the use of hazelnuts instead of almonds. The modification was made in 1885 in Gallo d'Alba, a hamlet of Grinzane Cavour (Cuneo), by the pastry chef Giuseppe Sebaste, who used hazelnuts, abundant and inexpensive in the Langhe. To make this dessert honey, sugar and egg white are also used, and they are kneaded for about ten hours. Torrone is a classic Italian sweet to enjoy year-round, or a typical gift around the holiday season.