Sparkling Wine

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With renowned reds, and refreshing whites, it is only natural that Piedmont's wine tradition would produce excellent Sparkling Wines. While many may already know the famous Asti Spumante, a New Year's Eve favourite, Piedmont's bubbly tradition doesn't stop there. Alta Langa is where the real shining star is, champagne-style sparkling wines made from the traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle.  These wines spend months on lees in their bottle, developing rich nuances of toast, brioche and occasionally smoke.  Piedmont continues to surprise with it's fabulous sparkling wine expressions. Sparkling wine brings us joy like no other, whether it be to mark a special occasion or just to treat ourselves to a little romance, there is no problem a glass of fine bubbles cant fix. There is a Piedmontese saying: "At least one hour a day we have to be happy", well, then, even in the darkest days, we know where to start: with a flute full of fine bubbles.