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Piedmont is, of course, the go-to for incredible Italian Red Wines. From the wine of kings, and king of wine Barolo, to the fresher Nebbiolo expressions of Gattinara and Ghemme, the friendly Barbera and the spicy Dolcetto, it's no wonder Piedmont has made such a name for itself. The great culinary tradition of Piedmont, filled with hearty meat dishes and rich flavors, makes way for the timeless wine tradition of the region. Piedmont is home to hundreds of native wine grapes, some of which you may recognize: Barbera, Nebbiolo, and Dolcetto. Yet some slightly more rare grapes may surprise you: The Prünent, Tarlap, Ruchè, and Vespolina are all waiting to be discovered. While Piedmontese vineyard traditions span back to even before the Romans, the modernisation of vineyard cultivation, and push for exceptional quality wine was mainly carried out in the 1800s. Piedmont's location between the sea and the Alps creates a perfect nest for wine production among the region's many hills. The varied terrain, with soils a mix of clay and sand, plus the wide temperature range (which allows the right level of ripeness to be reached), give countless expressions of these excellent Italian grapes. There is sure to be a wine to satisfy every palate.

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