Vigneti Valle Roncati

Via Nazionale 10/A, 28072 Briona (NO)

A bit of history

In 1997 Corrado and his wife Cecilia founded the Vigneti Valle Roncati winery out of a desire to revive their family’s ancient winemaking tradition, thus following in the footsteps of their grandfather Giuseppe Fassa. He himself was a winemaker since the beginning of the 20th century. The decision to become winemakers in the eastern hills of Piedmont was rational rather than accidental, although partly dictated by the heart.

The winery is located in the Briona (NO) area, part of the Nebbiolo zone of Alto Piemonte, and the vineyards are distributed in the Briona, Sizzano and Ghemme areas for a total of 9 hectares. Since the 2005 harvest, the company has been making wine from its own grapes in search of high-quality products.
A small company, born out of passion, whose sole purpose is to produce vintage wines obtained through meticulous and traditional vinification.

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