Terra Naturale

Via Tarabbia 7, 28047 Oleggio (NO)

A bit of history

The idea for Terra Naturale was born in 2002 from the initiative of Damiano Valloggia and Mattia Tarabbia, a passionate producers. It is a farm with a laboratory that produces quality products using the most modern equipment in the sector. In fact, the customised cooking bubble is able to transform the product at a low temperature, in a vacuum and keeping the organoleptic qualities, aromas, flavours and colours unaltered.

Most of the raw material is grown on-site following an oriental technique that does not give any fertiliser and only works the soil to aerate it, without ploughing it, to encourage the growth of micro-organisms to obtain vegetables and fruit with superior organoleptic qualities from which juices, jams, sauces are made.
Today, Terra Naturale can be defined as an authentic producer in our region who has been able to exploit modern techniques and “think outside the box”.

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Terra Naturale