Tenute Guardasole

Via XXV Aprile 2/A, 28075 Grignasco (NO)

A bit of history

Tenuta Guardasole was born out of Marco Bul’s passion for wine and the land and, to date, has three plots of land that together create an area of about two hectares. The fact of not having large areas is a choice to guarantee traditional, scrupulous and organic cultivation methods to preserve the environment and health.
The vineyards are located on the Traversagna road, the symbol of Boca DOC production. Each vineyard was created between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s using the grape varieties available at the time. The grandeur of these hills is due to the microclimate and the morainic soil that originates from Monte Rosa, composed of porphyry, granite pebbles, and flaking dolomite rocks of Monte Fenera, a UNESCO site. A microclimate that sensationally characterises the wines born here.
From the Nebbiolo and Vespolina vineyards we try to extract the maximum potential of each vintage, managing the contact with wood, the stay in the barrels and the decanting in respect of the grapes.

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