Loc. San Bovo, Via Statale 3, 12054 Cossano Belbo (CN)

A bit of history

Sarunè is a new project that originated from the connection between Toso winery with the local territory and the vineyards that have been farmed and harvested with love and respect for five generations. A family tale intertwined with the history of a company with a natural love for the land and for its wines. It is in fact thanks to grandpa Pietro’s tales that the name Sarunè was originated: in the local dialect of Piemonte, sarunè was the name of the craftsmen who made the carts that were used to carry the wine barrels. The Asti Secco Sarunè – the first expression of Asti Moscato without added sulfites – stems from the passion of these winemakers, who managed to capture the character of the terroir in a bottle.

The white Moscato grapes are at the heart of this new spumante sparkling wine: thanks to the thorough winemaking techniques and to the wholesomeness of the raw materials, the resulting Asti Secco is produced without sulfites. True Piedmontese excellence.

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