Panificio Patti

Via Pozzo della Cisterna, 56 - Ponderano (BI)

A bit of history

Ever since he was a child, Francesco Patti loved to spend his time in the kitchen, preparing leavened products and experimenting with particular combinations to give an original touch to more classic recipes.
After moving to the Canavese area, he opened his first shop: a small bakery on his doorstep where he baked breadsticks and pastries every day. From being a small bakery opened back in 1970, today, Panificio Patti is one of the most renowned and historical bakers in Piedmont. The products are made every day following artisan processes and recipes that do not include preservatives and chemical additives.

The choice of top-quality genuine ingredients, passion, craftsmanship and dough made by hand with love and patience: these are the values handed down from generation to generation.
In the course of time, the activity undertaken by Francesco Patti, has become a reality anchored in the territory and his passion has been handed down from generation to generation up to the current spouses Alec and Eleonora.

Even today, the traditional recipes and vintage working machines are still followed step by step. Alec and Eleonora have been able to make the most of the family’s entrepreneurial spirit with a modern, fresh and customer-oriented touch to carry on a tradition that knows no bounds to time.