La Bottega del Morni

Corso Roma 146, 28887 Gravellona Toce (VB)

A bit of history

La Bottega del Morni was born in 1948 by the expert hands of Fermo Morniroli, passionate herbalist from Gravellone Toce, who, driven by the desire to innovate and promote his local area, began to produce an excellent variety of liqueurs using the herbs present in the valleys and in the Piedmont mountains.
Close to retirement, Fermo had no heirs who could continue his business. Fortunately, a family friend, Daniele Guglielmetti, felt his calling in this legendary creation and after working alongside the great Fermo for years, he took over the business in 2005.

Since then, Daniele has been carrying out the production of local liqueurs, from Amaro Mottarone, Fil Da Fer and Genepy, respecting the original recipies and processing techniques that have allowed them to achieve the prestigious recognition of Piedmontese Artisan Excellence.
Today, La Bottega dei Morni is synonymous of tradition: it brings to the table more than 70 years of history and passion.

Bottega Morni Piedmont Delights 22 5
Bottega Morni Piedmont Delights 3 5
Bottega Morni Piedmont Delights 8 5
Bottega Morni Piedmont Delights 8 5