Giovanni De Marco

Cascina San Martino 251, 15071 Carpeneto (AL)

A bit of history

Giovanni De Marco acquired in 2008 the company, established in the hills near Alessandria, in the south of Piedmont. The area is a well-known for its wine-making tradition, mostly for the Dolcetto production, but Giovanni decided to swim against the tide and started an original project.
In its vineyards, he grows new varieties of grapes, that are not local, such as Viognier, Pinot Nero and Timorasso. At first, he did not even produce wine, but he sold grapes instead. Then the wine production started with two high-quality wines: Miel, made with Timorasso grapes, and Sant’Agnese, made with Viognier.
Giovanni De Marco company is led with passion and creativity, guaranteeing excellent wines.

Giovanni De Marco
Giovanni De Marco 2