Via G. Marconi 5, 28040 Mezzomerico (NO)

A bit of history

A family winery that proudly dedicates its high level of care and personal touch to the necessarily limited and superior production of authentic wine.
The Filadora winery was established in 2005 in Mezzomerico as a result of the passion of an Italian lady, Antonella Coppola, for rediscovering the centuries-old art of “making wine” in the Italian region that is home to the great Nebbiolo grape variety and some of the most prestigious wines in the world. Filadora is located in the northern corner of the region, at the foot of the Alps, in the area known as Alto Piemonte, which is distinguished by its characteristic microclimate, benefiting from the influence of the nearby mountains and resulting in strong, elegant flavours and aromas.
Vinification and ageing in oak barrels takes place in the cellar of a renovated old farmhouse in the centre of the village of Mezzomerico.

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