Via Torino 599A, 10015 Ivrea (TO)

A bit of history

Ferrando Vini was founded in 1890 by Giuseppe Ferrando, who moved to Ivrea with a mission: introducing the wines of Piedmont to the neighboring region Valle d’Aosta. Giuseppe’s son Luigi then expanded and developed the winemaking business. In 1957, Giuseppe Ferrando junior, the founder’s grandson, began the production of one of the rarest wines obtained from the Nebbiolo variety: Carema, named after a small town in the north of Piedmont, on the border with Valle d’Aosta.

There, in 1964, the Ferrando family built cellars for the production and aging of this unique “mountain Barolo” (a DOC since 1967). In the early ’80s, Giuseppe’s son Luigi took over the company, which is currently owned by his son Roberto. The company’s creativity and inventiveness have been faithfully passed on through the generations, along with a steady commitment to quality. Besides Carema, Ferrando’s primary wine, the production has expanded over the years to include the whole range of Canavese wines. Canavese refers to the lower land found between the Northern Alps and Turin.

Thanks, particularly to their modern production of Solativo, a unique wine made from Erbaluce grapes harvested in December, the Ferrando family, has helped raise Erbaluce to rank among the best Italian white wines.

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