Enrico Serafino

Corso Asti 5, 12043 Canale (CN)

A bit of history

The history of Enrico Serafino Winery began back in 1878 in Canale d’Alba from the dream of Enrico, then 24 years old, to collect the spirit of the Piedmontese hills and express it at the highest level. What allowed Enrico to distinguish himself in the wine sector was his Piedmontese attitude. In fact, he knew very well that only the recognition of time, of being patient and respectful of nature, could translate into a wine that could encapsulate all the values represented by the project.

After 140 vintages produced, almost nothing has changed. The winery continues to be a family business and the artisanal ritual remains unchanged over time: the cuvées are always the same as well as the precision and expertise of the people who work there. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand after the grapes have reached the right level of ripeness. The cellar is totally without augers in order to preserve the integrity of every single bunch.

Their vineyards, which extend to about 60 hectares, are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. They are located in the heart of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato region, where hills become rough and soils are particularly calcareous and marly.

Their artisan soul has been well balanced over time by an innovative spirit. They were one of the first historic Piedmontese houses to use underground tunnels to collect cuvées of Metodo Classico. This wise decision is the reason why Cantina Enrico Serafino is part of the group of the world’s most esteemed producers of luxury wine.