Cascina Canta

Via Case Sparse Gionzana 11, 28100 Gionzana (NO)

A bit of history

Cascina Canta is a family-run farm that combines the cultivation, the transformation and the sale of its products: not only rice, but also pasta, flour and cereals.
It was founded in the 1960s by Eusebio Francese and his wife Bianca.
Since 1976 they have left thrust monoculture, introducing a rotation program that supports the rice cultivation with that of other cereals and legumes of particular prestige and ancient tradition.

Rice growers for generators, they use low-impact production, where transformation takes place using renewable energies and cereal drying is done gently at low temperatures. Very important is also the preservation and production of ancient varieties of rice such as rice Maratelli, Balilla, and Red Sant’Eusebio.

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Cascina Canta