Casa Walser

Via Sant'Anna 17, 28881 Casale Corte Cerro (VB)

A bit of history

Casa Walser is a tribute to the Walser population (the name derives from the typical small house made of wood and stone), a population that emigrated from Germany in the Middle Ages, with an imprint that has been handed down over time.
During the centuries spent in the Alps, the Walser population developed techniques for preserving meat that are still recognisable in some specialities today.
The products of this line are the pride of Salumificio Nino Galli in Val d’Ossola, because they keep alive ancient traditions of the Walser population that would otherwise be lost.
This area is ideal for the production of high quality cured meats: there is a unique combination of culinary traditions and climatic conditions that have allowed the Galli family to obtain products of excellence.