Cà Mamai

A bit of history

The passion that led Cristina and Alfonso of Cà Mamai to start a farming activity goes beyond the interest of producing excellent wine, but it is also of a territorial revaluation of Dogliani, their beautiful village in the province of Cuneo.

Dogliani is considered one of the principal capitals of the Langhe, it is rich in history, picturesque landscapes, and a curious architecture made by the expert and eclectic hand of Giovanni Battista Schellino. The viticultural tradition of this area finds its fullest expression in the  Dolcetto grape, whose complicated cultivation in this area has been ascertained since 1593. The second President of the Republic of Italy, Luigi Einaudi, was such a great admirer of Dolcetto that he decided to lay the foundations for a valorization of the territory.

Thanks to careful cultivation, traditional winemaking and the midday arrangement of the vines, Cristina and Alfonso di Cà Mamai create a high-quality product. For the vinification and bottling of the wine, Cà Mamai works in synergy with the Famiglia Revelli: a historic company located in the heart of the Langhe. They are a very small production, focusing on quality over quantity, putting their passion into each bottle.

Not everybody succeeds in cultivating Dolcetto vines, as it is a vine strongly marked by extreme sensitivity: cold and humid soils cause the grapes to fall early, while hot winds cause them to wither before the harvest itself.

That’s why Cristina’s motto is “When you open a bottle of wine, you feel all my feelings“: Dogliani encompasses all her patience, her dedication, and her expertise in such difficult but rewarding work.

Ca Mamai
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