Birrificio Agricolo 2 Sorelle

Loc. San Maurizio, 15 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)

A bit of history

In 2011, Federica and Elisa Toso took over an early 19th-century farmhouse on the Belbo river bank in Cuneo. Strengthened by their indissoluble bond as sisters, their courage, and enterprise, they set out to exploit their passion: the tasting of a new beer is for them a great emotion that they want to transmit to all those who drink it. This is how Birrificio Agricolo 2 Sorelle was born.
After restoring the historic building to recognise its immense beauty, they used the brewing room with modern tools, a series of fermenters, and a bottling line. The barley used to produce beer is directly cultivated on the adjacent land.
Their youthful spirit allows them, on the one hand, to seek out the most modern innovations for brewing and, on the other hand, to be very attentive to respecting the environment (a photovoltaic system has been placed on the roof of the company and they have equipped themselves with an active purification system) and enhancing the local area (they will, in fact, create a hop garden by selecting the variety that best suits the area).

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