Banda Biscotti

Scuola di Formazione Polizia Penitenziaria - Piazza Giovanni XXIII 21, 28922 Verbania (VB)

A bit of history

Spending time in prison alone does not ensure a better quality of life afterward, that is why the Banda Biscotti project was created. Its mission is providing a job to those who live in prison, teaching them how to do it, helping them to acquire new skills and giving them a chance to rebuild their future.
Their products, mainly biscuits, are made with high quality, organic and Fairtrade products, ensuring respect for the workers and protection of the environment. It cannot get sweeter than it already is!

Many companies and organizations support the Banda Biscotti: they recognize its value, and they embrace its mission. Prison can be a better place: with hard work, facing different challenges, stars can be rewritten. And the Banda Biscotti is one of the fulgide proof that it is possible.

A little curiosity: the name “Banda Biscotti” in Italian recalls the “Banda Bassotti” who were the Beagle Boys, the famous villains in Mickey Mouse.