Azienda Vitivinicola Enrico Crola

Via Vergiasca 9, 28040 Mezzomerico (NO)

A bit of history

A young man, Enrico Crola, and the dream of a lifetime: to realise his passion for vineyards and wine, with the unbridled enthusiasm of a child, but also with the high dedication and perseverance of an adult.

The current vineyards were planted in November 2006 on the land of Mezzomerico, in the Alto Piemonte region. The particular type of planting was chosen in order to bring a high-quality product to the market. With just over 2 hectares of vineyards, the small winery had its first harvest in October 2009 and, consequently, its first bottling in autumn 2010.

Today Enrico Crola is recognized worldwide for his high-quality Nebbiolo wines and his futuristic winery is considered by many to be a true work of art and a tourist destination.

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