Azienda Agricola Christian Massara

Via Cascina Massara 1, 28064 Carpignano Sesia (NO)

A bit of history

The farm of Christian Massara was born in 2010 in Carpignano Sesia near the Valsesia, together with its own farmhouse “La Biandrina”.
Their philosophy has always been to offer healthy and wholesome products, with unique organoleptic natural characteristics. Their goal is embracing ancient recipes in the name of the tradition, but at the same time creating original and innovative combinations with fragrances and spices.

Their honeys, their jams and mustards are always made without preservatives and without any artificial pectins. They are mostly made using products grown directly in their territory and harvested at the right point of ripeness.
The passion for their work and the respect they show for the environment guide them everyday in the creation of tasty, high quality and healthy products.