Our mission

Excellence through tradition

We were born in 2017, like any startup, not in a garage but in a living room, with the desire to revolutionize an industry that has remained immobile for too many years.

We live in a country, like Italy, able to fascinate thanks to the thousands of traditions that have influenced over time our food and wine culture made of excellences, which today need to be told in a new way, so that they might live forever in our hearts.

So we started from Piedmont, our region, with the mission of bringing the products of a centenarian tradition, their creators, and their stories all over the world.

Here comes Piedmont Delights – the first e-commerce dedicated to the typical products of Piedmont.
From alpine cheeses and artisanal cured meats, to the noblest wines and the most historic desserts: we want to help you discover our home, made of exquisite tastes and extraordinary products.

Welcome home. Welcome to Piedmont.

Are you ready to try the authentic products from our region?

Our Team

Nikas Bergaglio

CEO & Co-founder

Tommaso Vassura

COO & Co-founder

Gloria Vittoria Bertolio

eCommerce Fulfillment Director

Beatrice Poma

Marketing & Social Media manager

Camilla Renzi

Customers Success & Analytics

Carolina Baruffetti

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

Emma Vassura

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

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