Welcome to Piedmont!

Italian food is quite known around the world but besides the most famous Pizza and Pasta, there are a lot of typical products which don’t just get the right well-deserved attention. Many of them come from a region in the north-west of Italy: Piedmont.

Piedmont is famous for the truffles and the Barolo wine, but all over the region, there are a great number of local producers who have been making amazing products for decades.

It's our home and we want to make it great again!

These were the first words we told ourselves when we decided to embark on this project.
We started to learn about all the different stories about our land, we fell in love with the products born from unknown producers and we felt proud again about this place. Our mission is to promote the long-standing tradition of our country, so that it can live forever throughout the centuries.

We were born on October 2017 and today we are more than 10.000 people in our family. We delivered more than 25.000 products worldwide, bringing our love and tradition to every door.

Here comes Piedmont Delights – the first e-commerce dedicated to Piedmont typical food and beverages. From cheese and cold cuts to wine and beer – our desire is to share the unique flavors, the stories and the experiences from authentic regional producers to the most demanding palates.

These products will finally have the opportunity to be known outside their local area and bring the authentic taste of Italy directly to your home.

Are you ready to try the authentic products from our region?

Meet the team

Nikas Bergaglio

CEO & Co-founder

Tommaso Vassura

COO & Co-founder

Gloria Vittoria Bertolio

eCommerce Fulfillment Director

Beatrice Poma

Marketing & Social Media manager

Carolina Baruffetti

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

Emma Vassura

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

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