Via Passeggiata Monte Stregone 28, 15011 Acqui Terme (AL)

A bit of history...

Monte Stregone is one of the hills above the town of Acqui Terme. This thermal spa town, together with the city of Turin, is believed by some to be the “land of the witches”. Some older inhabitants of Acqui Terme say that a few years ago the last of these witches, known only as “O.”, used to live there; they believed she made spells and concoctions as well as love potions and held meetings with other witches on Montestregone. On this hill, according to popular belief, “nothing could grow, not even vines”.

The story and origin of this producer is an enchanting one and begins with Alessandro’s childhood dream. Over the years this dream has become a reality.

The vineyard was planted originally by Nonno Antonio (Alessandro’s grandfather) in 1960 when he moved from the mountains of Liguria to Acqui Terme and bought the farm.

Zio Giuseppe continued working on and improving the vineyard, planting new varieties of vines and enlarging the areas of cultivation.

Since then Alessandro has tried to keep hold of this same passion, helped greatly by his winemaker friend, Roberto, who, most importantly, has continued to stoke those flames of passion with his own enthusiasm.