A bit of history...

The story of Meadlight was born in 2014 when Luca, one of the two partners, made a trip to Prague. In a local bar, he saw a strange drink being served to the customers before beer. Curious, he asked what it was and they replied Idromele or better, Medovina.

Back in Italy, he talked about it with his future partner of this particular drink and both driven by the desire to re-evaluate a product like honey, they decided to produce it, here in Piedmont.

After several attempts and three years of tests, they managed to produce a premium mead but still far from their idea and their goal. They decided to rejuvenate the concept of mead and create something new, never done, but that could be appreciated by everyone.

They began to contact various experts, from winemakers to honey producers, trying to figure out how to take this drink to next level. After years of research, testing and development, Principio was born in 2018, a fermented drink with 6 different honeys, able to create a particular balance between taste and aroma.

Meadlight gave birth to a new, fresh, special drink, able to give a different idea to one of the most loved products by all of us: honey.

The meeting between nature and innovation has led Meadlight to develop a clear strategy for the future and Principio is only the beginning of this perfect union.

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