La Venaria - Nocciole Piemonte IGP

The company was created to offer a local, controlled and high quality hazelnut, respecting the value of the territory and the care of the areas dedicated to cultivation. An important project that requires the neccessary attention in the cultivation of plants and the preparation of the land, as well as a constant work in the selection of raw materials and machinery.

The laboratory allows to personally follow the harvest and the processing of the hazelnut, thus creating what it’s considered a fundamental direct link between the product and the end user.

With passion and extreme care, La Venaria pays attention to the plants and the environment that hosts them. They enhance the territorial aspect, improving local production destinations without upsetting the typical qualities. The “Tonda Gentile” of Piedmont with the name I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) is a fine hazelnut, with a characteristic, intense and traditional aroma; rich and with a persistent flavor, it allows to work in ice-cream and pastry with great versatility, adapting well to refined combinations with spices and aromas.

Piemontese hazelnuts are universally known as the best in the world.