La Fugascina

The restaurant and patisserie “Al vecchio Fornaio Pasticcere – La Fugascina” overlooks one of the most beautiful and distinctive views of Mergozzo and is the latest creation by Giordano and Patrizia, who for years have run the oven of the same name founded in 1957.

Founded under the name of “Café la Fugascina Pane Vino e Sorrisi”, La Fugascina has immediately expanded and exceeded the initial proposal by introducing a highly appreciated and imaginative dining activity where the flavours and raw materials of our region are exalted daily.

The chef’s and staff’s skills, with Giordano and Carlo always attentive and helpful hosts, have made the restaurant known and reviewed by the most established and well-known national food and wine magazines.

Patrizia and Giordano, keep alive the tradition of the typical Mergozzo sweet: La Fugascina. An important appointment for the bakery’s tradition is in the occasion of St. Elisabeth’s festival (4th July). During this day, families usually go to the bakery to cook homemade Fugascina.

In order to cook it, every family makes an offering. All offers are then given to St. Elizabeth’s Church.