La Capuccina

Built on an ancient structure used in 1500, La Capuccina was the base by the Begging Friars, who went from Varallo Pombia to Varese. With time La Capuccina was used for different business, first as farming activity then as textile business.

This caused different structural changes that permitted to La Capuccina to acquire values.

The farmstead was left so Raffaella and Gianluca, in love with the scars of La Cappuccina and in love with their land, decided to take it back to its original glory.

From that moment it was born the farm, which deals with restaurant, farm animals and hotelier. Little steps made with good awareness.

The last challenge in 2015, thanks to the partnership with an important local entrepreneur. They have bought 5 vineyards hectares in Fara Novarese, one of the best areas of Alto Piemonte.  It is born La Capuccina Wine. The landscape of the vineyards is the magnificent Monte Rosa.

They decide to working in collaboration with the local wine expert Mr Sandro Bussa and to entrust the management of the vineyard to Mr Piero Sagliaschi, to respond to marketplace needs and to replicate Capuccina’s quality.

Nebbiolo grapes are 70% of production, while Vespolina grapes are 30% ca.

Today La Capuccina Wine produces an average of 16000 bottles.