Il Chiosso

Viale Guglielmo Marconi 45, 13045 Gattinara (VC)

A bit of history...

Il Chiosso was born in 2007 on the initiative of Marco Arlunno, owner and conductor of vineyards in Gattinara and Carlo Cambieri, former producer of Ghemme.

Il Chiosso’s project was founded on the synergy between the professionalism, as a winemaker, of the figure of Marco, a graduate in enology, and the passion of Carlo, a graduate in engineering, who has always been fascinated by the world linked to viticulture and wine.

A truly unique and winning union that has allowed the quality wines of Upper Piedmont to be merged into a single production reality, Gattinara on the one hand and Ghemme and d.o.c. of the Novara Hills on the other.