Enrico Crola

A young man, Enrico Crola, and his dream of a lifetime: to concretize his passion for vineyards and wine, with a child’s unbridled enthusiasm, but also with an adult’s high dedication and perseverance. Starting from his first work experience as a seasonal employee in a wine cellar in 1998, Enrico has realized his dream, that has managed to break from stresses of everyday life, dedicated to Information Technology. His little free time, his Saturdays and Sundays have been spent, step by step, to give rise to Az. Vitivinicola Enrico Crola.

The current D.O.C. grape vineyards were planted in November 2006 on the lands of Mezzomerico. The first expansion in the spring 2011. The particular type of plant and vineyard has been chosen in order to bring on the market a high quality product. Our vines are Nebbiolo, we have the system of pruning to Guyot and a 2,5 x 1 meters sixth of plant. The work in the vineyards is done with the assistance of the agronomist Dott. Michele Colombo. Michele gives the guidelines to follow and his checks are solvents and rigorous.

With just over 2 hectares vineyards, the small wine cellar had its first harvest in October 2009 and, consequently, the first bottling in the autumn 2010. Spring and summer 2009 were characterized by the design and the implementation of the wine cellar, provided with the most up-to-date and technological vinification and storage systems. Strategic was Dott. Maurizio Forgia’s role, oenologist.

Az. Vitivinicola Enrico Crola’s registered logo is a stylized rose. In fact, on the posts of head of the vineyards there are orange roses, belonging to the family “ibride di téa” variety “Hallé”. The color is dedicated to Claudia, Enrico’s wife, that has got to the heart of the company management. The type of the flower is dedicated to sweet Giulia.