Via Ener Bettica, 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze (AT)

A bit of history...

The word Delinquent is a Piedmontese word with which grandparents accused children when they did not respect the rules. It was also the way grandfather called Giovanni, one of the founders of the cellar.

The grandfather was a strong man who, although sick, managed to cultivate the vine by hand.

This is what Giovanni and his partner want to do: to continue to cultivate by hand respecting the effort that his grandfather has put into pursuing his passion.

What does it mean to be a criminal now? For Delinquent it means going against what is normal, doing what they believe is better for what they believe in: creating an environment that lives in harmony with biodiversity. To live consciously they do not use harmful synthetic substances in the project they are creating.

The wine comes from a small plot of land that has belonged to the family for several generations cultivated only with Nebbiolo vines, going against the current and infringing on the creation of an important Nebbiolo in Monferrato. They produce only one wine, completely natural and with the help of only natural products to maintain the health of the vines and the quality of the grapes.