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Cantine Garrone

Garrone was born in 1920 thanks to the perseverance and great will of the Garrone family, originally from  Monferrato but then they united in marriage with the Modoni family of the Ossola (precisely Oira di Crevoladossola, where the family, the historic home and the refining cellar are). The great-grandfather, at the time mediator of grapes and wine, carried with him about 2000 liters of wine from the Domodossola area to the Antrona Valley, where about 3,000 people were engaged in the construction of the dams.
After a historical / cultural period that saw a decline in consumption and general interest in local wine, the third generation of Garrone decided to produce local wine, exploiting the potential and the expression of the grapes in the area. In 1994, the first production: 36 bottles. Today, after more than 20 years, production is around 40,000 bottles. Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Barbera.
With the intent and commitment to valorize the territory, and to carry on the project of defending and restoring the landscape and cultural heritage that in wine has one of its maximum expressions.
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