Why you need to visit the Oasi Zegna this summer

If you’re like me, in August, you always try to avoid the crowded beaches and as the protagonist of Into the Wild, you seek adventure, there is an oasis, nestled in the valleys of Biella, known as Oasi Zegna. A place that symbolizes love and respect for nature, strongly desired by Ermenegildo Zegna, a famous textile entrepreneur from Trivero, in the province of Biella, founder of the homonymous clothing brand.

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The Oasis, born in the ’30s, is a natural park that stretches for about 100 km2 between Trivero and Valle Cervo. The initial project included the reforestation of the mountain slopes with 500,000 conifers, rhododendrons and hydrangeas and the construction of a road, the “Panoramica Zegna” (still called this way), which allowed the local population and tourists to enjoy the natural environment.

It is a fascinating and at the same time educational park, a real open-air laboratory, where it’s possible to practice a series of activities dedicated to leisure and sport-hiking, trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, tree climbing, kite flying and winter sports, all year round, all designed with full respect for the ecosystems.

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There are three areas in which the Zegna Oasis is developed, each with particular environmental characteristics:

Via dei Rododendri

It’s also called the “garden” area that thanks to the intervention of the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai and subsequently expanded by Paolo Pejrone resulted in an explosion of flowers and colorful plants.

Via delle Bocchette

It is the highest part of the entire oasis where the tourist resort Bielmonte is at its heart.

Via della Sienite

It is the area that overlooks the Cervo stream. Here you can observe small villages still intact, giving visitors an idea of the mountain life. The pleasant vegetation mixes with a magnificent stream, creating a fairytale place.

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Thanks to important collaborations with FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano and with the Museum of Natural History of Milan, the Oasis is an ever-moving environment, which thanks to its scientific, cultural and educational activities, make this place an environment to respect and protect, especially for future generations.

So, you do not want to go to Riccione because in August it’s too hot and you do not even find a place to dine? Fortunately, if you love nature and sport, Oasi Zegna is the right choice for you. I recommend you bring the typical Piedmont lunch with you, consisting of a good sandwich made with local cold cuts and cheeses and maybe a little dessert, and since you are in Biella, I recommend Canestrelli.

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Have a great summer!

– With love,