Where to go on your Italian holiday

Piedmont has always been considered one of the best regions to visit thanks to its breathtaking scenery and delicious food and wine tradition. Whether you are a traveller who prefers outdoor picnics, leisurely strolls through stately villages, or enchanting wine tastings among the vineyards at sunset, Piedmont has something for everyone. This region would of course be perfect for your Italian holiday.

Tasting cured meats and cheeses, walking through cellars filled with delicious wine, and being surrounded by pantries of mouth-watering biscuits is hard work. Fortunately, the holidays are approaching and we can also enjoy some well-deserved rest. 

We live in a country, which fascinates us every day. Italy always manages to surprise everyone with the architectural diversity that distinguishes each region and with the historical traditions that can still be experienced today when walking through the streets of the city. In an area of only 302 thousand square kilometres you can find the most diverse places: from the crystal clear sea, hilly expanses dotted with vineyards, cities of art, sumptuous mountains, and romantic lakes. 

With all these treasures, it’s really hard to decide where to start visiting the Boot, as Italy is called because of its peninsula-like shape.

But to make the choice less difficult, here are the Piedmont Delights team’s favourite places to spend an unforgettable summer in Italy. 

Eating tortellini in magical Bologna

American-born Evelyn has all the charm of a woman of the world, but her love of food, and especially wine, has made her an Italian citizen in her own right.

She has joined the Piedmont Delights team as content manager: she could create content with her eyes closed, but when faced with a plate of handmade tortellini from Bologna, she always loses her words. 

Tortellini is a stuffed egg pasta typical of the Emilia region. Legend has it that an innkeeper, enraptured by the beauty of the goddess Venus, decided to perfectly reproduce the shape of her navel with the thin pastry he was preparing in the kitchen. 

There is a saying that encapsulates the essence of the city: “Bologna is the red, the learned and the fat.

  • “Rossa” (red): The capital of Emilia still retains the romantic charm of medieval history in the streets of the city. The nickname ‘rossa’ (red) comes from the particular red colour of its roofs and from being the city of 100 towers. 
  • “Dotta” (learned): Bologna is one of the most active and renowned cultural centres in Italy. It was the first European city to found a university in 1088. In 2000 it was named ‘European Capital of Culture’ and in 2006 it was awarded the title of ‘Creative City of Music’ by UNESCO. 
  • “Grassa” (fat): visiting Bologna is like going on a journey of taste thanks to the countless culinary specialities you can sample around the city. Tigelle, mortadella, lasagne and a good glass of Lambrusco is what you can taste at the Quadrilatero, the ancient market of medieval origins. 

Strolling along 38 km of porticos, which are candidates for UNESCO World Heritage status, you will come across many beautiful sights. You can’t miss Piazza Maggiore, the heart of Bologna with its most beautiful historical buildings, the Garisenda Tower and the Sanctuary of San Luca: connected to the city centre by a 4 km long path, it stands on top of the Colle della Guardia and has 666 arches, like the number of the devil. 

In fact, the path resembles the shape of a snake, symbol of evil, which is overpowered by the beauty and strength of the Sanctuary, namely, the Madonna.

The enchanting beaches of the Costa Smeralda

Valeria, nicknamed ‘Valerina’, is a graphic designer and user experience expert. She is shy but full of life and the smile never fails to appear on her sweet face. Could it be thanks to the days spent on the paradisiacal beaches of the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia?

This area in north-eastern Sardinia owes its name to the particular colour of its waters, which run through a labyrinth of granite rocks and form enchanting natural sculptures. 

If you’re ready to catch your first flight to Olbia, here’s where Valerina will take you: 

– To the Prince’s Beach, named in honour of Karim Aga Khan IV who fell in love with this place in the 1950s so much so that he founded an initiative to enhance the beauty of the place, 

– At Cala Volpe, whose beach with its distinctive pink colour impressed the director of 007, who chose to shoot some of the famous film,

– At Capo Ferro, the rocky promontory overlooking Porto Cervo.

They say that the best way to get in touch with the place is through food. 

Sardinian cuisine is made up of poor ingredients that the women of the past have always cooked in such a tasty way as to become the essence of the place, such as pane carasau, a thin, crispy sheet of bread to be dressed with tomato sauce and local pecorino cheese, or seadas, a sheet of pasta filled with cheese that is fried and sprinkled with homemade honey.
Sardinian Italian Holiday

A romantic weekend in Florence

For a romantic weekend, I can only leave you in the hands of Edoardo: our marketing specialist. He always has ideas, statistics and strategies boiling in his head to spread Piedmontese food and wine around the world. 

Serious in appearance but playful in spirit, he is always ready with a joke to keep the laughs coming.

What are the most romantic places in Florence?

  • The Rose Garden: is located near Piazzale Michelangelo and offers the most exclusive view of the city. The thousands of varieties of roses in the park give off a magical scent. After wandering around the park in search of the 12 sculptures by Belgian artist Folon, sit outdoors to enjoy a succulent lampredotto sandwich: typical of Florence, it is stuffed with beef stomach marinated in a green sauce and enclosed in two slices of bread soaked in broth.
  • Enjoying the sunset on the Arno by boat: not only does it allow you to see Florence from a different point of view, but it is such a romantic trip that even the gondolas in Venice are envious of it. 
  • An outing to Fiesole: to get to this Borgo you have to walk uphill for a while but you will be so enraptured by its beauty that you will soon forget the effort. Founded as an Etruscan fortress, over the years it has succeeded in striking all civilisations, becoming today a cultural and historical centre of great value: museums, castles and historical remains will make your weekend in Florence unforgettable.

Italian Holiday Florence

Forte dei Marmi for an Italian-style holiday

If you can find exclusive wine labels, cheeses with a history going back hundreds of years and cured meats that you can’t find anywhere else on Piedmont Delights, it’s thanks to that gourmet Marco. In the team he is the operations manager, with a calm and gentle manner, managing relations with all the local producers and the flow of logistics. 

Just trust his tan to make sure you don’t make a mistake when choosing your summer destination: Forte dei Marmi is his secret corner of paradise

It is the jewel of Versilia, the northern part of Tuscany, which does not know the passage of time. Forte dei Marmi was founded in 1914 after the Great War, and its name comes from being the hub of the road that Michelangelo Buonarroti built to transport marble from the Apuan Alps.

Thanks to the beauty of its bathing establishments surrounded by luxuriant pinewoods, it has conquered an important place in the world of elite tourism. 

Forte dei Marmi is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy moments of healthy relaxation during the day and to have fun in the evening in its sparkling clubs. 

Before setting off back home, you can’t say no to a sunset on the beach when the sun colours the sky with thousands of shades, reflecting in the crystal-clear water of the Tyrrhenian Sea. To crown this moment, all you need is a glass of Vin Santo Secco, the traditional Tuscan raisin wine par excellence, accompanied by a crostino di fegatini.

I am curious to know which place in Italy has remained in your heart or which one you are looking forward to visiting. And if you’re ever here, don’t forget to come and say hello!

– Until next time, With love!